Initially, when the working people started fleeing from the cities, they have been told that instead of listening to them, they are running around in the rumor. Goth, so running away. There was also an attempt to hold some people responsible and make a scapegoat, but people were running away from all over the country. Now more than 30 days have passed to the lockdown. How are people still running

Because as the lockdown progresses, people’s problems are increasing. People are out of money. Ration is over. They have no hope of any help. Governments are doing a lot of things, but I know this because I am in the midst of the news all day. The man who works as a daily wage laborer in Mumbai does not know what arrow the Prime Minister has hit on Twitter today.

In the photo, this group of 20 laborers got out of Mumbai by bicycle. These people are coming to Gorakhpur by cycling 1700 kilometers. They have left from there because they had run out of ration. They did not get any help, they had no money left, nor was there any work left.

The logic is the same as the laborers who were fleeing on the first day that if they do not go home, they will die of hunger here.

(From Krishnakant’s Facebook Ball)