Muzammil and Tzammul sold their property to feed the poor. Both these brothers are from Karnataka. They noticed that many people do not have food. People are struggling with scarcity. He remembered his days of poverty.

He decided to sell his land. The land was sold to a friend for 25 lakhs. The friend also gave more money than expected. All friends have also given money so that they can be reached to poor people.

Both brothers were younger when the father died. The elder brother is four years old and the younger brother is three years old. After 40 days, mother also passed away. Both children were raised by their grandmother.

A muzzin gave him a place to stay in the mosque.
Both are not very educated. Started working in Mandi and slowly the business grew. Now they are banana wholesalers. Bananas are brought from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and carry out wholesale trade.

Muzammil says, ‘There are many people who have nothing to eat. There was a time when we were very poor ourselves. No one discriminated against us, but only helped. Grandmother used to tell us that many people had helped us for our upbringing.

Some helped five rupees and some ten rupees. She used to say that we should help people without any discrimination. Religion is only on this earth. God does not have it. The one who keeps an eye on all of us’.

In two days of Ramadan, they have distributed food and essential things to about three thousand people. These two brothers say that ‘God will stop looking at us if we see religion and give food to people.’